How to Fight Gum Disease

How do we fight gum disease?

In order to win the battle against gum disease, you must first know its causes and risk factors. Gum disease, or medically known as periodontal disease, is the condition wherein the gums, attachment fibers, and the bone surrounding the teeth are inflamed or infected. It is caused by the bacterial growth and other factors which progressively damage the tissue surrounding and supporting the teeth. The word “periodontal” literally means “around the tooth”.

Ways on how to fight gum disease.

The best way to fight gum disease is by preventing its development. Experts agree that individuals who have vitamin C deficiency have higher rates of gum disease.

  • Vitamin C is known to help prevent gum disease because vitamin C is an antioxidant. Antioxidants repair the connective fibers and hasten the regeneration of the damaged bone caused by gum disease.
  • Vitamin D can also lessen the susceptibility of gum disease. Vitamin D is known to have anti-inflammatory property thus reducing the inflammation of the gums.
  • Another way on how to fight gum disease is by applying tea tree oil gel. Tea tree oil gel fights the development of gingivitis into periodontitis.
  • Drinking cranberry juice is another good method to fight gum disease. Cranberries fight the bacteria that stick to the teeth.
  • Try and reduce your stress level. Stress hastens the development of gum disease by increasing the accumulation of plaque in the mouth. Stress contributes to the accumulation of plaque and gum bleeding.

The National Institutes of Health Office of Dietary Supplements recommends that 10 to fifteen minutes of exposure of the sun two times a week can trigger the synthesis of vitamin D in the skin, thus, reducing the bleeding of the gums during gum probing. The sunlight is the most abundant source of vitamin D.

Oral care for fighting gum disease.

The easiest way to fight gum disease is by exercising regular oral hygiene.

  • Brushing your teeth at least two times a day will remove the plaque even before it accumulate and hardens into calculus.
  • Using fluoride toothpaste helps prevent decay on the teeth.
  • Flossing your teeth daily is highly advised. Flossing removes the hard to reach plaque in between your teeth where mere brushing can not reach.
  • Rinsing the mouth with an antimicrobial mouthwash will give additional protection against plaque; consult your dentist for proper mouthwash use.
  • The best way to fight gum disease is by visiting your dentist for check up on a regular basis.

It is one sure way of making sure that your teeth and gums are healthy. Experts say that there is a connection between gum disease and heart disease. If you take good care of your gums, you are also taking good care of your heart.

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